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Visualizing Care 
Imaginaries & Infrastructures

Transnational Conference
May 12, 13, 14, 2022

The labor of caring — for human and non-human worlds — is often invisible, underpaid, unrecognized. Care becomes visible mostly when it is not done or when it fails. The importance of naming essential workers as such emerged when they could not perform their jobs amid the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The seriousness of climate change becomes visible only as a consequence of the intensifying ecological crisis. This conference gathers activists, artists, scholars, and visual recorders to ask: what does it mean to visualize care? While the emphasis on imaginaries aims to underline the utopian dimension of redesigning care, the importance of infrastructures sheds light on concrete practices and assemblages that are built through these alternative designs. 


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May 12, 2022


12.00PM ET        Virtual Reception and Orientation I (Main Stage)

5.30  PM ET         Virtual Reception and Orientation II (Main Stage) 

6.00-7.45PM ET  Care Infrastructures in Unequal Worlds (Main Stage) 

Chair: Jocelyn Olcott 

Speakers: Emma Power, Miriam Williams, Kelly Dombroski, S M Waliuzzaman, Samantha Thompson

AI Translation Available 

Visual Recording: Abhipsa Chakraborty


May 13, 2022


9.00-10.45AM ET    

Legal Structures of Care (Seminar A)

Chair: Marija Bartl 

Speakers: Anju Mary Paul, Mignon Duffy, Jennifer Nedelsky, Marcelo Maciel Ramos

Visual Recording: A Visual Approach 


Politics of Care (Main Stage) 

Chair: Riikka Prattes 

Speakers: Joan Tronto, Sarah Munawar, Nadine Machikou, Maggie FitzGerald

Visual Recording: A Visual Approach 

AI Translation Available 

Urbanism, Care, and the Built Environment (Seminar B) 

Chair: Yanping Ni 

Speakers: Agata Marzecova, Elke Krasny, Des Fitzgerald

Visual Recording: Anne Dubos 


10.45-11.00AM ET Break in the Café


11.00-12.45PM ET   

Transfeminist Strikes (Main Stage) 

Chair: Tania Rispoli 

Speakers: Marina Montanelli, Ambra Lancia, Natalia Hernández, Lucí Cavallero, Pierina Ferretti, Colectivo LASTESIS

Visual Recording: A Visual Approach

AI Translation Available 


Queer Care  (Seminar A) 

Chair: Riikka Prattes 

Speakers: Pedro Nicoli, Nat Raha, Hil Malatino 

Visual Recording: Wandy Cheng 


12.45-1.00PM ET Break in the Café


1.00-2.45PM ET     

Sex-Work and Motherhood (Seminar A)

Chair: Pete Sigal 

Speakers: Heather Berg, Sophie Lewis (link to Patreon), Jennifer C. Nash, SaeHim Park, Cinnamon Williams

Visual Recording: Anne Dubos 


Popular Economies  (Main Stage) 

Chair: Alioscia Castronovo 

Speakers: Cristina Cielo, AbdouMaliq Simone, Natalia Quiroga, Nadya Araujo Guimarães, Rocio Garzon

Visual Recording: A Visual Approach 

AI Translation Available 


Digital Care & the Human Body (Seminar B)

Chair: Susan Craddock 

Speakers: Mauro Turrini, Collettivo Ippolita, Clara Fernandez de Bobadilla Munoz, David Rodriguez Mateos, Chloe Sariego 

Visual Recording: Abhipsa Chakraborty


2.45-3.00PM ET Break in the Café


3.00-4.00PM ET     

Virtual Care Lab Interactive Workshop (Main Stage)

Visual Recording: Wandy Cheng 

AI Translation Available 


4.00-5.30PM ET     

Doc Film Festival & Panel Discussion (Main Stage)

Chair: Lauren Henschel 

Amber Smith 

Jiewei Li

Kate Silver 

Amanda Kang

Eleanor Robb

Neil Prose & Rhonda Klevansky

AI Translation Available 

Visual Recording: A Visual Approach 


May 14, 2022


9.00-10.45AM ET    

Epistemologies of Care  (Main Stage)

Chair: Riikka Prattes  

Speakers: Felwine Sarr, Shay Welch, Encarnación Gutierrez Rodriguez (S/E)

Visual Recording: A Visual Approach

AI Translation Available 


Universal Basic Income & Post-Work (Seminar A)

Chair:  Dirk Philipsen

Speakers: Jenny Brown, Wilson Sherwin, Syretta Hill, Meyra Coban

Visual Recording: A Visual Approach 


Aesthetics & Politics: Technologies of Care (Seminar B)

Chair: Shelley Park

Speakers: Kelsey Brod, Padmini Ray Murray, Tania Rispoli

Visual Recording: Wandy Cheng 


10.45-11.00AM ET Break in the Café


11.00-12.45PM ET   

Care, Soil, & Non-Human Environment (Seminar A) 

Chair: Saskia Cornes 

Speakers: Kirsten Kurz, R.L. MartensSaskia Cornes, Lauren Henschel

Visual Recording: Wandy Cheng 


Alternative Approaches to Economics and Labor (Main Stage)

Chair: Alicia Girón (E/S)

Speakers: Suzanne Bergeron, Drucilla Barker, Richard Itaman Supriya Routh

AI Translation Available 

Visual Recording: Abhipsa Chakraborty


12.45-1.00PM ET Break in the Café


1.00-3.00PM ET

Final Roundtable: What Does it Mean to Visualize Care?

Chair: Wesley Hogan

Speakers: Anne Allison, Arturo Escobar, Diana Martínez (S) & Moritz Tenthoff (E/S)

Visual Recording: A Visual Approach and Anne Dubos 


Artists in the Exhibition Space 

Kate Alexandrite

Archer Boyette

Kelsey Brod 

Zara Carpenter

Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Ayling Zulema Dominguez

Devynn Emory

Brittany Green 

Kym McDaniel

Zaire McPhearson

Camila Moreiras

Virtual Care Lab 

Irupé Tentorio 

Denise Shanté Brown 

Kirsten Kurz

Lauren Henschel 


Thanks to supporters!

This event is supported by the Mellon-funded Humanities Unbounded program, which has supported the Revaluing Care in the Global Economy lab for the past two years.  We are also extremely grateful for ongoing support from the Duke Office of Global Affairs and Bass Connections. 


Organizing Committee

Alioscia Castronovo, Saskia Cornes, Lauren Henschel, Jocelyn Olcott, Riikka Prattes, Mauro Turrini, Tania Rispoli.

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