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"Value of Love"

Revaluing Care in the Global Economy first event
Workshop at Duke University, April 4 and 5, 2019

Workshop Schedule



Thursday, April 4


8:30-9:00:  breakfast

9:00-9:15:  Welcoming remarks by Dean Rachel Kranton & Jocelyn Olcott

9:15-10:00:  Introductions (all present, including students, etc.; name, discipline/field, interests)

10-12:  short presentations by invited participants (20 people; each participant briefly introduces him/herself and describes research background; brief indication of where they see interesting areas of research, possible new directions)

12:00-2:00:  lunch break

2:00-4:30:  full-group session of brainstorming about what we see as critical topics and major new areas of research

[5:30-7:00:  Annual Queer Theory lecture:  A Conversation with Samuel R. Delany]

7:30:  Catered dinner at my house.


Friday, April 5


8:30-9:00:  breakfast

9:00-10:00:  brief recap of themes and issues that arose in Thursday’s brainstorming 

10:00-12:00:  divide into small groups (thematic? Conceptual?) for brainstorming research areas (select rapporteur for each group who will meet over lunch to report suggestions

12:30-2:00:  lunch break; group leaders meet to discuss & cull suggestions emerging from small groups

2:00-4:00:  debrief from small groups; brainstorm grant proposal(s)


Departures & dinner for out-of-towners staying Friday night.

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