Visualizing Care

Call for Submissions

Funded by the Humanities Unbounded Revaluing Care in the Global Economy lab

Both activist and academic considerations of care encounter questions to which artists are exceptionally well positioned to respond. In particular:


               ●  How do we make care more visible, and how can we defamiliarize the naturalized and often common-sensical representations                      of care?

               ●  How can we develop a new vocabulary of care — visual, auditory, lexical, etc., — to help us to represent care in new ways?


This project emerges from the Revaluing Care in the Global Economy research network, which brings together the study of ecological, social, and cultural care with an emphasis on three areas: how we measure care (and what happens to care when we try to measure it), how we govern care (and how those efforts reflect and shape normative practices of care), and what social practices favor care (household formations, intentional communities, cooperative efforts, mutual-aid organizations, etc.).

The Visualizing Care series invites artists to submit artwork to be part of an online exhibition as well as a Q&A with other artists, students and scholars. This is the first edition of this series, funded by Mellon Humanities Unbounded and the Revaluing Care in the Global Economy network at Duke University. We are currently interested in material ready for this Spring, but this an ongoing conversation and we will be putting out a call for submissions again later in the year.

This call for entries will be open again in the Fall. 

The focus of this series is centered on artistic representations of care. Any genre or medium of artistic production is welcomed— including but not limited to film, poetry, music, sculpture, dance, photography, printmaking, painting or drawing.

The show will run as part of an online exhibition for the month of April in addition to structured panel conversations with the artists.



Media Submission


Film & Performance Documentation: 20 mins. Maximum

        ● Please include a link to film, if password protected please include password


Poetry & Writing: Minimum: 1 piece, Maximum 3 pieces

        ● Submit as PDF

Documentation & Photography: Minimum: 1, Maximum: 5

       ●  For best results, the dimension of the longest side of the image should be a maximum of 2000 pixels and 72 dpi.

       ●  The final file size must not exceed 5.0 MB.

       ●  The file name should represent the artist name and title with a .jpg file extension.


       ●  Save the image as a standard JPEG or JPG file type.



       ●  The entrant gives permission to the Visualizing Care Series to use images of the artist and his, her or their artwork for promotional              purposes

       ●  If an entrant is under 18 years old, parent or guardian permission must be provided

       ●  It is the responsibility of the artist to make sure appropriate permissions are obtained for use of an image on their entry.

Please reach out to ​​ if you have further questions.