Revaluing Care in the Times of Covid-19

A series of conversations focused on the relations of care 

Post-Work Imaginaries

In a society that promotes relentless performance and at the same time undervalues “essential” labor, while imposing a 24/7 working time, we want to explore what are the alternatives. From self-design in the era of automation to UBI to the resistance of indigenous communities, we want to look for concrete utopias beyond or within work ethics and capitalism. 


Heather Berg 

Arturo Escobar 

Helen Hester 

Melanie Yazzie 

Queer Kinship and Care

Queer Kinship and Care was organized by Pedro Nicoli (UFMG) and Riikka Prattes (Duke) for the Revaluing Care in the Global Economy project.



Martin F. Manalansan IV (University of Minnesota)

Shelley M. Park (University of Central Florida)

Hil Malatino (Pennsylvania State University)

Feminist Lessons on Vaccine Hesitancy